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Lil Bit About Myself

Hi, my name is Tony Dempsey. I've been hunting turkey's since 2014. I'm not a competition caller. I'm a turkey hunter just like you, wanting to put tags on birds. I practice my calling all the time, wanting to better myself.


I work on making different types of calls and field test them myself along with a couple of close friends for feed back. If they are on the website be sure that they work. 

My goal is to make calls that work not only for myself but for everyone who purchases them.

Straight Talkin Dirty Calls sound realistic, it's like having that old boss hen in your lap.

Questions or comments please contact me.  I want hear from you. Maybe even put your picture & story up.

                          Huge thanks to the friends and family whom have supported me. 


                       Special thanks to Scotty B., a great friend and whom helped me start S.T.D.

            He put up with me through the process of changing dimensions of the calls time after time.

                                            Perfecting that ( S.T.D.) realistic turkey hen sound.


                                                    Also a Thank You to YOU!!! our customers


                                                                          TONY DEMPSEY

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